Frequently Asked Questions

How much material/clothing would I need to make a bear?

This depends........If its a large adult shirt we could use one shirt.  If its a childs tshirt you would need two to three shirts or pieces of clothing.  Infants clothing we may need quite a few maybe 6.  It is also depends on what type of bear you would like made.  If you are choosing a small flat wouldn't need so much.  Whereas the big 50cm bear requires a lot more fabric.  

How much material/clothing do I need to make a pillow?

You need 1 shirt.  Button up shirts look great but T shirts can be used as well.

What type of clothing is best to make a bear from?

The thicker the fabrics the better.  Dressing gowns, flanalette shirts or pj's make very cosy type bears.  But I can use most fabrics or clothing as long as it is not too thin.  If it is very thin, fine or see through fabric I won't be able to use it.

How long does it take to make a bear or pillow?

It depends on the size of the bear or pillow to how long it takes .....but generally anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days.  BUT please note there can be a long waiting list.  The waiting list can vary from 2 weeks to up to 8 weeks.  A spot on the wait list can be secured by paying a deposit.  Once a deposit is made you will be put into the queue.

Why are you bears so expensive?

All Bosley Bears are made completely by hand.  They are made with the highest quality eyes, nose, joints and stuffing.  Prices are based on how many hours work go into each bear.  Bears are stitched over twice on every seam to ensure they don't come apart easily.

Can you post bears and pillows overseas?

Yes I can that is no problems at all.  I use a courier for both national and international postage that has very reasonable pricing.

How do I pay you?

I will email you an invoice which can be paid by card or for international customers I use Paypal invoicing.

What is the difference between a jointed and non jointed bear?

The jointed bear has wooden discs with steel pins inside the legs, arms and head which holds them on and allows them to rotate around.  This is how the first teddy bears were made, it is the traditional way of making teddy bears.

If I order a few bears can I get a discount?

I am really sorry but I do not offer discounts.  Every bear or pillow takes the same amount of time and materials to make regardless of how many there may be in the order.  Please remember I am a home made business, its just me.  These bears are not factory made they are made with a lot of love and attention.

How do I place an order?

Please pop over to the ordering page for more details.

Are your bears child safe?  

My bears are not certified as child safe so please keep this in mind.  I can use safety joints, eyes and nose upon request.  But even so they are not certified as child safe.

Where is your shop located?  Can I come and see you?

I work from my home in Brisbane, QLD Australia.  I am available Mon - Sat for appointments if you would like to pop in.  By appointment only please contact me via contact page for further details.

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